Execution Excellence


“To be in the top 1% you need to excel – every single moment of your life.”

Yesterday, I was listening to a leadership speech on youtube. The gentlemen was a legend in sports broadcasting and he was giving his speech at reputed business school. An alumni of the college himself, he talked about his experiences in broadcasting, the experiences of sportsmen he interviewed during his career, and what stood out for him as excellence in that space. His message was clear, you have got to use every moment to excel in whatever you do. It of course comes with the caveat – do something you are passionate about.

So what am I passionate about? Honesty, I don’t know. I have been trying to figure it for a long time. I have a regular job and I make a decent living. I don’t feel I can run the firm better, on most occasions what people invent at my firm is way beyond my creativity, and in the past one year, I’m not even sure I’m motivated to continue doing what I’m doing.

The essential question therefore is this: How do you ignite passion when you don’t know what you are passionate about? People say hobbies are generally what people pursue as their dreams. Well, unfortunately for me, I can’t say I’m either an avid reader, painter, or a musician. I’m no Einstein either. The answer therefore eludes me.

I was happy with an ordinary, regular life – its pace, challenges, and successes. As I age, I feel like I ought to do more, but I’m losing interest in my daily responsibilities. Searching for that YouTube video was in a sense my need for motivation.

I’m not unhappy and demotivated, I’m happy and just demotivated. Not a regular combination some would say, others would say it is complacency and being too comfortable with ones job. Here’s what I really think. There are those who juggle their personal and work life perfectly and after one aspect gets settled they put their best foot forward in the other aspect. And there are others like me who can manage one aspect of their life only at one point in time.

The stage of life that I’m currently in makes me think I’m way behind in my personal life and till that aspect is not managed, I don’t think I’ll be able to do justice to making a better version of myself and excel at whatever I do. All that talk about excelling at something works fine when you are either not a family person or when your personal life is sorted. For me, well, I’m like a sailor who knows where he wants to sail to, but unfortunately for him – both his map and his navigator have given up on him. I sail where the winds and tides take me.




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