Inside Out

woman-feeling-freeWhy am I here? Three simple reasons – bored of my routine, tired of peoples expectations, and amazed at how everyone looks so perfect and happy on Facebook. There is no one ever so available to hear my ranting and to be fair to those who do, I’m not honest enough to let them in on what’s really going on in my mind. As for diaries; well, I’m not sure I can keep it a secret and/or away from my family. I’m sure they would stumble upon it and read my epic literature either now or in 10 years. So here I ‘am – trusting in you to listen to me,  hear my thoughts, and see how I see the world.

I call this blog “Inside Out” and by that what I mean is this: opening my inner self to the outside world to show what I think and feel. Am I enlightened, a life coach, an experienced human being, intelligent? None of that. Intelligent? Well, maybe. I may have to think really hard about that one. But, what I am sure of is this – I am a person like you who wants to understand life, asks the same questions from life, has the same fears and vulnerabilities, and one who has to make this constant conscious choice to be happy and remain positive.

Welcome to my world, or should I say yours too. We’ll soon find that out. What I’m setting out to do here is simply sharing some of my life’s episodes that have left  a lasting imprint on my mind – some that I’m happy to remember, others painful yet memorable experiences.

I mentioned being bored of routine at the beginning of my blog, which incidentally also means being bored of reliving past memories – good and bad. With this new “blogging” medium I’m hoping to explore life’s experiences through my choices and what life brings to me in the future.

So, greetings from me and I hope I get the strength to carry on with these writings and achieve what I’ve set out to do. Likewise, I hope you join this journey along with me, critique me on my writings, thoughts, and experiences and wish that my writings are not a total waste of time for you.

Good luck reading.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    All the best in this blogging journey!


    1. alwaysmesee says:

      Thank you Jeyna. Looking forward to it.


  2. Ashmoonstone says:

    I do hope blogging helps you to get your message out to a larger audience who have the patience to hear you out. God knows we need that.
    All the best, and happy blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks sweetheart. Have a wonderful new year. May you be granted great ideas to write the most exquisite pieces. 🙂


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