“Refuse to accept compliments with pleasure

Neither saddened, nor disappointed at criticism and comments

Don’t care about being loved or hated

Beauty to one is abhorrence to someone else

There is but one universal truth – you were, are, and will always be special.”

As I write these lines today, I know how much I believe in you and me being special. When nothing is constant and world around you keeps walking past you with no sense of empathy – an occasional thank you, words of appreciation, and comfort can mean the world to you – a reminder that you are important and special for someone to stop by and ask how you are doing. While we crave for such attention, I wonder why do we actually need it?

Why do we reach a dark point in life? Why do we find someones words so comforting and those of others so torturous. Is it because we believe in them, not ourselves? We are not successful when someone compliments us, nor are we a failure if they fail to recognize what we do. We become what we choose to accept. Opinions – they have the power to make or break us.

I wish I realized this earlier in life; it would have saved me millions of tears and heart burn. I won’t waste a single moment now – I’m are not here to be appreciated or admonished by others. They will not rule my life. We are responsible for creating our own positive energies and do what pleases us, what is good for us. If you feel good about yourself, that’s the way to be. Even if you don’t feel good at the moment, the remedy is within you. Stop looking for comfort outside; its temporary and just a farce.

Today, let’s take the following pledge:

Will not be sad and look for comfort in others to be happy

Will not compare self to those who are considered perfect

Will celebrate small joys and victories 

Will be unaffected in pleasure and pain, success and failure, appreciation and abhorrence

There is only one way to be – unaffected and happy.




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  1. Ashmoonstone says:

    This is so very meaningful!

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