Is this the coming around?

The innocence of 17

Cusp of the treasured world of womanhood

She was the Goliath of the possible

Her armor – a resolve to fight the brave

Among the several hats she done

Her favorite were four

She was the savior, crusader, disciple, and entrepreneur

Her exuberance – not her age nor beauty – just confidence and faith

Truth her bearer

Soul that beamed with confidence

Her ability – influence and eloquence – one that was second to none

For even those who disagreed, felt sorry to ever refuse

Surpassing the age of innocence, she crossed several forests 

Saw a world never seen before

Met doubt, envy, and deceit – her new found acquaintances

20 years she fought but tiredness gave way;

Made the acquaintances her friends

Faith, confidence, and honestly now no longer wait by her side

 Her conscience now debates- old friends or the new found flock?

A decision hers to make



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