A spirit born in a world of the righteous
Enters a house of rules
Restrictions, expectations, and limited outlook – the many thorns it bore
Streaming thoughts of biological progression, duties, and acceptable behavior galore
Its wavering relationship with norms being tested at each step

A soul yet a social being – it wants both worlds
To fight and to also fit in
To be understood, yet be bound by society
To live freely and also to break free
It is unique, yet it dreams of the same life’s pleasures

Some appreciate its rarity and call it lovely
Others call it the desolate
In the lonely battle of choosing life’s path
It seeks solace, affirmation, and sometimes craves help
Alas, no knight in sight can come to its rescue
Entrenched in the circle of protocols defined by the world
It must find its own way

It stands alone pondering
Refusing to take the fall for life’s unfair expectations
It determines to walk the lonely path undeterred

Dreams must have a purpose, for hopes refuse to die
The search is on – the path must be found and tread
A life given must be led and its dreams fulfilled.


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  1. beautiful statement of your truth


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