From being happy to making happy

Make a phone call

Pay a visit

Plan a surprise birthday 

Send anonymous gifts

Play the guessing game

Melt hearts 

Bring someone else’s fantasies to life 

Do little things that they wish for

Tell them how special they are

Create a chain and don’t let it end there

I’ve started mine, have you?






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    1. Thank you loads. 🙂

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      1. hey- I’ve nominated you for the 3 day quote challenge. Looking forward to your quotes!

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      2. what is that? I am new?


      3. so I post quotes from other people’s sites or make up some?


      4. You can quote your own or someone else’s quotes. I quotes someone else. Anything that is my guiding life and inspires me.

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      5. Also, I just read your blog on your life’s challenges. You are a strong woman and I hope you get the best in life. Its not easy to put the darkness behind you and not carry negativity.

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      6. Thank you , I used to think I was strong but now I think I am like a rubber band that has been stretched to long for too long. Or a belly of a very pregnant woman it never goes back to what it was.

        Honestly I don’t remember ever being happy as a child or young adult. When you asked me this question I was sitting here thinking and realized that.

        That is amazing for me . This is why I am blogging hoping someone from outside my head can help me help myself. thank you.


      7. The fact that you are thinking of the pain of your past tells me you have a beautiful present. Talk about the past as that helps in healing but also focus on the now. Love, hugs, and blessings.

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      8. Thank you, as soon as I get through the past I will move to the present. it is all connected

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      9. Would love to know what inspires you.

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      10. What inspires me is getting over past hurts ,past lies that will affect me for life. Tired of being sick and tired. I starred this blog to try and get out poisons and topics that have shaped my pain.


      11. I believe writing helps in that journey. Keep writing how you feel.

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