3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

This is the third and the final day of the ‘Three day Quote Challenge‘ and I would again like to thank Sailaja for nominating me for this challenge. Hope I didn’t disappoint you. 🙂

I’m ending this challenge with a quote from Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Once your life is an expression of your blissfulness, you will not be in conflict with anyone.

Its today, now, this minute that life is being created. How do you want it to be? If you can imagine, you can also create and realize it in your lifetime. There are things that you thought of previously which you have now accomplished but forgotten. If you could perceive those goals and realize it, you can continue to do the same now.

As long as you wish well for yourself and others, success, satisfaction, and bliss will be yours!

May blissfulness and joy always be with you.

P.S If you are interested in other quotes and blogs from Sadhguru, please visit the Isha Foundation website


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