3 Months 10 kgs


I’ve been advised to write down my goals for weight loss. So here I’am – writing the goal and also sharing it with you. Keep me honest!

I’ve struggled through weight issues all my life, lost and gained over the past few years. Figured I get really go off-track with my routine of diet and exercise if I get emotional or depressed. The emotional issues further lead to binge eating to a point where I feel bloated, feel uneasy walking, and get super depressed as nothing in my wardrobe fits me.

I just want to keep my emotional issues at bay and I think a regular routine that I can follow would help me stay fit and healthy, keeping me away from the negative self-talk. I don’t gym because I find that hard to continue. I prefer yoga, brisk walks, and clean eating. I don’t have encouragement at home, so I’m pretty much on my own making plans. I also hope to revisit this blog post once every fortnight to keep you updated about my progress.

I’m really in awe of those who are able to meet weight -loss goals. It looks very distant to me right now. If you have any tips for me, please feel free to share recommendations.









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  1. I almost killed myself with gastric bypass 2t years ago . I have gained weight back but still have maintained a hundred pounds lost I had lost 150. But I like you eat my feelings if you don’t address the original cause of the weight you will never maintain the loss. That is what I am doing now therapy. I want to be happy with myself no matter what my frame is. But I want to be healthy inside and out. I feel for you.

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    1. Thanks sweetheart. It’s a blessing that I don’t suffer because of body image, I just want to be healthy and normal.

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