A sweet debt

A warm hand runs over my forehead

Fetches my favorite blanket to keep me warm

Brings a glass of milk just before I sleep

Cooks my favorite comfort food

She knows my troubles yet pretends to not know

Lets me keep my secrets and silently encourages

After all these years and I’m still her little girl

O mother! What did I do to deserve you?



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  1. to have a mother such as this would have been remarkable

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    1. Whatever our situation, we are bound to work off our karma. But with free will, we also choose to become compassionate mothers.

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      1. true ,I had to teach myself to say I love you, it is sad it was so foreign to me.

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      2. It’s not easy. We crave for acceptance by others. That’s sad.

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      3. it is life. to be accepted means we are not different or less than. More so when we are young but it is not something that ever stops . you just don’t think about it quiteas often .

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      4. So true. But what if we are different? Why is acceptance so difficult towards the ones who are different? We are individuals. Why do we have to be clones?

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      5. I don’t think we do. I never wanted to stick out in a crowd , that would mean people looked at me and I was always worried am I dressed ok or are they good or bad people. Also damaged attracts damaged until you get help and grow. Or like me I just got really sick of being treated like dirt and read alot and I grew a backbone that had been beaten out of me. I will never let anyone put me down or treat me with anything less than respectful.

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  2. You have a strong personality. Sadly, I’m still learning.


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