A Known Stranger

Several glories she lost in her quest for love

Her dignity, self-respect, even confidence 

Mourning the loss of these treasured traits

She survives without a part of her soul 

Living in the looming emptiness, hoping for a fix to her broken soul

Her new normal is different and strange 

She knows, for she sees it in people reactions to her sight, sounds, and expressions

The tragedy has erased her memory of what it was to be whole and happy

Her feeble attempt at mimicking laughter, responding to questions, alienate her further

She jumps in anticipation at anyone who can bring her joy, make her smile

Her innocent and harmless anticipation is met with abhorrence 

Her plight is mistaken as desperation

While empathy is the drug prescribed, she receives a treatment of shame and ridicule

She starts her artificial life everyday only to fail again

A cycle of karma that only she can break 




4 Comments Add yours

  1. shuvigautam says:

    She should build her own kingdom and rule her own self. Won’t that be cool? Replacing the princess in dismal with the wariour queen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No matter how the pain is created or how the trust is misplaced it is the same .

    Once trust is destroyed it is never rebuilt completely again.

    Pain that cuts deep never completely never heals absolutely.

    The curse is the one responsible is not the one that pays the price for it.

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