It’s all in your mind – Scene 3

It was the day she was wearing her favorite dress. All bright and orange – she wore her hair in a bun and heels that made her look elegant. She was enjoying all the compliments showered by her colleagues and was all smiles.

She took her laptop and was walking towards a conference room where her colleagues were waiting for her.

In the opposite room, she saw him again – looking right at her through the glass walls. Her eyes met his, she looked away, and entered the other conference room for the meeting.

She was in a meeting, but her thoughts wandered. In a while, she decided to step out for a break. On her way to the break-area, she could sense that he was still in the opposite room.

When returning, she passed by the glass wall again, chatting with her colleague. This time, she didn’t look towards him, but while walking, she had a rare and cheerful smile.

To know what happened earlier, read the previous scenes:

Scene 1 | Scene 2




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