It’s all in your mind – Scene 4

The next day was a Friday which usually invokes a casual dressing among employees. She wore a black top and paired it with a dark blue jeans. She went about her day as usual – it was the end of the week and not a very busy day.

She was habitual of working through the conference room with those glass walls. It was here where she saw him again walking by. While she hoped, he didn’t look at her.

He was tall, dark, thin – but had a certain grace in how he walked. The spectacles gave him a slight study boy look that she loved. It was at this moment she asked herself – could he be the one?

She waited for him to pass-by her conference room again, and he did appear again. Sadly, he didn’t look. She began going through some official work on the laptop. Her subconscious though was occupied with his thoughts.

She wanted to meet a colleague in the other corner of the office. She walked out the conference room and passed by another conference room where she could see a projector that was turned on but was not projecting anything. She could sense a person standing and another sitting inside the room with faded lights.

While she wondered why was nothing being projected, she continued to walk towards the office floor, closing-in on the glass walls of the conference room adjacent to which he sat looking at her. She stopped and looked at him. With folded hands (some would say is a sign of defense), he turned towards her – while he continued to sit, he scrunched his eyes as if to gauge what she was doing.

As soon as he realized that she just glanced at him, he was startled. He stood up, and moved backwards and faced her with his back leaning towards the glass wall for support – his hands still folded. She held his gaze, stopped, and turned her head in his direction. He didn’t break the eye contact. The very next moment, she tilted her head slightly to the right while looking at him. This made his heart flutter. He tilted his head in acknowledgement and a huge smile appeared on his face.

She was scared of what he might be thinking of her and immediately turned her head in the direction of the floor and walked away without returning the smile. This was her work place and a sudden notion of her reputation struck her. She was embarrassed and was also worried about what the other guy in the meeting room might be thinking of her. She was traditional, shy, and a non-adventurous woman. These attributes dawned upon her unknowingly and were alien to her previously. This was perhaps her coming of age, of maturity, and nature’s game.

Twice, during the same day she passed by the same meeting room again, but she consciously avoided looking at him. Being naive and unaware of men’s instincts, she thought he might be interest in her. Despite her suspicions, there was one thing she was positive of – it was she who gave him attention and what was to follow was going to be her own doing.

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