Moving On. Really?

Can you ever really move on?
The glance, look, persona, voice, attitude – all bundled up as a memory unforgettable. Psychology and reality aside, likeness to something or somebody without knowing anything about them is unexplained and beautiful. You never really know what you want till you see it and like a flash of lightening belong to it. While the hardest part is loving and letting go, growing to accept but not to expect anything in return is the real salvation. Grow in unconditional love and watch the suffering become bearable.

I’m on the path to healing, upbeat about life, and I didn’t do it by moving-on.


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  1. lol…………..i hv posted abt it………..we can’t compltely but trying is worth it…..glad to read ur post 🙂

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    1. Its hard, but we don’t really have to move on. We have to accept that it will be a part of us and yet we can survive knowing it.


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