Thank you 2016

Dear 2016 – Thank you for all the wonderful experiences – some perhaps the most challenging experiences I have ever faced in my life. As I part ways with you, I remember how I fought and blamed you for all the pain and mayhem that I experienced. I was wrong. It was only when the storm passed that I realized how blessed and lucky I was to have a solid support system in my family and friends. I realized how grateful I was to be accepted, cherished, loved, and respected by my near and dear ones despite being humiliated and abandoned by some who I considered my most valued relations.

I realized how important my father is to me and how much I can give up to just see him breathe normally. I’m grateful to have him by my side and appreciate his struggles through his difficult illness. I’m thankful to finally learn some hard lessons on how to rely and depend on myself-to have no expectations from anyone, to not seek help, and not be sorry and disappointed when no one comes to my rescue.

Finally, I have learned to value my emotions, myself, and not get played by others unassumingly. I promise to focus on myself, create realistic goals that have no association with wishful thinking (sorry guys – but its too painful to desire things that have dependencies), and make this journey with celebrations of milestones my reality.

Thank you once again 2016. You will be remembered for all the lessons. 🙂



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  1. hivebeard says:

    A nice reflection. Happy New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy new year to you too.


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