Stringing Relationships

In a relationship, two people can never feel the same about each other. One will be needy and more loving than the other. The other, a recipient of unconditional love and attention. The latter would also hold the strings to the relationship.

Which one of these are you? Do you hold the strings?


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  1. I am the one that is the needy one in the relationship. My husband is the most giving and caring husband being on earth. I don’t know about strings but I know my husband would give me his heart literally if I needed it and I would do the same for him. He is the only person with income. We are now retired him by age and though I am only 4 years younger I can not work due to medical needs.

    I don’t draw any money and I have always worked and had my own money . I have never been dependant on another person completely in my life as an adult. It scares me to death . I don’t know why I know he loves me to pieces he does things for me . He helps in the house if I am sick he is kinder than any nurse. But I have a fear so far down in my soul I can’t stomp it out. My husband has great retirement we both have insurance from it . We are so blessed so much more than anyone I know. But fear is making me crazy and I believe ruining what should be a great time. Maybe my therapy and time will allow me to feel safe.

    Maybe that is it , I have never felt safe in my entire life. He is the first person I ever believed truly loves me. In my whole life. He has given up everything and everyone he loves for me . I don’t understand why I can’t believe it.

    Maybe one day I will I have known his 17 years I have felt this way 61

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    1. Touchwood. You have a beautiful relationship and you deserve to be treated so lovingly. It our past hurt that sometimes makes us doubt all the love we get. Everyone feels that way including me. It’s very natural. And the future…well, I think its just more important to enjoy the present.


  2. I believe that. I trusted my son’s father he begged me to get pregnant and as soon as I was 6 months he changed his mind and packed his bag left me hanging I haven’t trusted since .


    1. Well, I’m sure karma will get to him like it does to all of us. However, you should be proud of how far you’ve come from that situation. You are an inspiration to all of us.


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