Freedom Comes from Acceptance

I don’t believe in protesting to tell a community that how they think and behave should be shunned.

I’m not comfortable knowing that while someone might hold his words, he is still thinking of his unfair biases.

I don’t believe that we get acceptance from others just because they speak in the language of political correctness.

I shouldn’t have to tell someone they are wrong if they don’t understand what it is to be human.

Whether it is racism, religious intolerance, sexual preferences, standards of beauty, sexism, marital status, physical/mental disability, infertility, or any other attribute that makes people different from the norm, they face umpteen biases everyday.

Freedom comes from one’s own acceptance of the given situation. And a reminder to ourselves every God given day that it is okay to be just the way we are. That while some people think that we can change our circumstances to be acceptable to them – it really is not an option for us. We should not waste our lives in changing ourselves just so that we feel accepted by a certain clan.

We are all God’s gifts to the earth and as long as we accept ourselves just the way we are, nothing can takeaway our peace of mind and happiness.

You are special in your own way and you don’t need a certificate from anyone. So shun away those insecurities, flush those anxieties, be open to the world, show your big bright smile, appear on billboard ads, be proud, be you.




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