I just feel this way

The longing for love and affection

Has brought me to a crossroad

Where every sight and smile seems adorable

Every sound gives me endless hope

Every sweet expression is treasured and cheered

While I know they don’t feel the same way I feel about them

While I know my innocence is seen as desperation and meets ridcule

While I know I don’t matter or even exist for them

They still seem to be the center of my world

The false hope that one day they would see me the way I see them

That they would feel what I feel; never dies

It’s been years maybe even more than a decade that the heart has been this way

It refuses to learn, refuses to grow

It likes everyone it sees, ignores the thorns, forgets the lessons

Makes the same mistakes over and over again

Loving, getting hurt, and recovering – a circle that would perhaps repeat till youth lasts

This is life, my life with the undying hope that makes me smile even when everything around me is in tatters

My dreams make my life worth living realty, everyting else is just a hopeless affair

Cheers to fantasy and dreaming – it keeps me sane and hopeful


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