Depression – Causes and Cure

Knowing that depression is a phase and its not possible to always be happy puts things in perspective. Also knowing that only you can bring yourself out of depression helps.

There are two causes of depression based on my own understanding of my psychology – one caused by insecurity, expectations, and fear of what might become. The second one is brought on by criticism and behavior of others meted towards yourself.

While positive self-talk and self-love and living in the present can help one overcome the first type of depression, the second one has deep rooted evil and hence can take forever to come out of. Especially if venomous people surrounding you will forever be part of your life.

Depression in the first category since it being brought upon yourself can be cured by self-healing, the second one however is difficult to cure and requires help. It’s important to be able to talk to people who you trust – your friends and family. It’s important to make some hard decisions based on the current state of affairs and in some extreme cases even cutting people from your life if they are the result of your unhappiness.

I have recently been witness to a mother son relationship where a son who went astray is troubling his own mother for finances. Her love for her son is making her give in to his unjustified demands making him go deeper into his dark world and making his mother more and more depressed thinking of his future. Her unconditional love is unrequited and she is hated by her son despite all the wonderful things she has done for him throughout her life. While I hope things turn better for her, but such toxic relationships make one more depressed. Such causes of depression are one of the hardest to break.

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  1. As someone that struggles with severe depression, I can attest to the importance of cutting out people from your life that you think makes you fall deeper into that spiral of darkness. It’s a difficult thing. Especially if it’s family. My own father and brother have a similar relationship to the one you described. I hope she has someone she can turn to when things get rough. Or that she has at least found a healthy way to cope with her stress.

    While it’s important to be able to speak with family and friends, I’ve found ways to cope on my own. Through writing mostly. I prefer being left alone until the waves of that awful mood pass. A feeling of neither wanting to live or die. Just… still, I suppose is a good description. But that’s me, and though I adore solitude, I also like knowing that if I should so choose, I have someone out there that will listen.

    I like this post. It made me think of a lot of things. Thank you for sharing it.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. A big warm hug to you. You are right in saying you can’t always cut off people who are worsening your thoughts because that person may be a family member. By writing I have also been able to somewhat reduce the burden of depressing thoughts. I don’t think I can every try explaining what I’m going through either to a known friend or stranger without getting too emotional about it. I find writing as an extremely simple remedy since I don’t want to reveal my vulnerable self to those known to me. I wish you the best in this fight. It’s a continuous process of fighting but it is with mediums like these blog sites and exchange of ideas where some of our pain can ease.


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