Society and Stigma

Me: Here are our applications for visa.

Agent: (A twenty something looking guy) “Is this you?” (Looking at my picture on the form).

Me: “No this is my sister’s form.” (I pointed at my form and told him that was my picture. We resemble, but do still look different. I didn’t point that out).

Agent: Are you single?

Me: “Yes”

Agent: “Unmarried?” (a little surprised seeing my date of birth on the form).

Me: “Yes”

Agent: “Your sister is also unmarried?” (This time the pitch of his voice is higher that makes other heads in office turn towards this conversation).

Me: “Yes.” (He noticed she is older than me, so this time he looked startled).

Agent: Both are single and unmarried?

Me: (For the third time, I confirmed yet again) “Yes, both are single and unmarried (I maintain my calm and try to not look agitated. While tempted to I didn’t challenge his genius of a vocabulary by asking the difference between being ‘single’ and ‘unmarried’).”

Moral of the encounter: It is your life, your money, your aspirations, and while you still pay the agent his fee to get the visa, the fact that you dare to live your life on your terms and do things you want does not go well with society.


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  1. Skeletons of society.

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