A lunch conversation with married people

What do you do when you have lived one third of your life hoping life will pan out for you the way it often does for others? I often get criticized for not fighting for what I ‘should’ want in life and spending my time devoting to work that some say do not reap any…

What would love be like?

If there is no responsibility, no pressure, no expectations Only love – what would it be like to love?

I just feel this way

The longing for love and affection Has brought me to a crossroad Where every sight and smile seems adorable Every sound gives me endless hope Every sweet expression is treasured and cheered While I know they don’t feel the same way I feel about them While I know my innocence is seen as desperation and…

A thought to start the week

“It is always our own unfulfilled expectations that fail us. When we don’t depend on external situations or on others, we stand a good chance at being happy.”

Moment of truth

My uncle did his PhD at 60, wondering if I can still do a post grad at 34. Just another 15 years left to be 50? The feeling scares me to my core. So many unaccomplished tasks and time is just slipping away. #seekingmotivation #needaplan  

Essential Question

How many times do you have to try and fail to finally know that some things are just not meant for you?


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Valentine’s Day Wishes for Everyone

A very happy valentines day to everyone. Hope you take time out to celebrate. 🙂 Those in love, feel proud of having each other and of having found love – realize that you are among the lucky ones. Those who’ve been in a relationship for long, maybe it is time to appreciate each other and…

Deciphering Life

Life is not your routine It’s not about going to school, college, or work It’s not a journey for laurels in profession, career, or education It’s not counting the years and making things happen It’s not for your children, spouse, parents, or friends It’s not expectations, wishes, or the burden of others expectations It’s not…

Conversation with God

God: “It’s your birthday! What do you want?” Me: “Instead of something I want, can I ask for something I don’t want?”

Freedom Comes from Acceptance

I don’t believe in protesting to tell a community that how they think and behave should be shunned. I’m not comfortable knowing that while someone might hold his words, he is still thinking of his unfair biases. I don’t believe that we get acceptance from others just because they speak in the language of political correctness….

Stringing Relationships

In a relationship, two people can never feel the same about each other. One will be needy and more loving than the other. The other, a recipient of unconditional love and attention. The latter would also hold the strings to the relationship. Which one of these are you? Do you hold the strings?